Moving from Level 3 to Level 4 Leadership

John Maxwell differentiates between five levels of leadership.

I.  Positional. You have a title, but you may or may not be a leader.

II.  Permission. People trust you and therefore allow you to influence them.

III.  Production. You create momentum through the team(s) you lead.

IV.  People Development. You develop amazing people and teams.

V.  Pinnacle. You leave a legacy that transcends your organization.  

Most leaders I know, myself included, get stuck at the production level of leadership. The key to moving from level III to level IV is how you spend your time. Level III leaders spend equal time doing work and developing leaders. Level IV leaders spend 20% of their time doing work and 80% developing the leaders around them.

May more of us move from level III to level IV!

Ronald Johnson